Band Bios

Bill O'Donnell: Bass, kick drum, vocals
Bill started his musical career in the realm of classical music. He soon learned that playing the French Horn was not a great way to meet and impress members of the opposite sex. Being a fast learner, he picked up a guitar and never looked back. He has performed folk, country and old-time R&R before settling on the Celtic genre of music. Bill now devotes full time to playing bass and handling technical matters for the band. He continues to compose music in various genres.

Kelly O'Dea: Fiddle, vocals
Although she is The Juice's fiddler extraordinaire, Kelly also performs music in other genres--and quite well. Web site described her as the "secret weapon" in the band Tarantella. In addition to Irish folk music, Kelly is an accomplished performer on the Hardanger Fiddle (Hardingfele). She has also performed and recorded with Portland-based Strangers Die Every Day and Minneapolis-based Painted Saints. During her career in Denver, Kelly has shared the stage with artists such as Thurston Moore, Jello Biafra, Dick Dale, and The Fray.


Scott Sherman: Guitar, mandolin, and vocals
As a college student, Scott first heard Gaelic Storm's song Scalliwag on Pandora Radio. Turning the song into a station proved to be the first step in developing a lifelong passion for Irish and folk music. Winner of the Todd Rundgren singer/songwriter competition, Scott has performed Celtic, Bluegrass, and original material in a variety of venues from bars and coffeehouses to the Ogden Theatre. He has shared the stage with acts such as the Owen Kortz Trio and Leftover Salmon. While guitar and singing were his first forays into music, Scott has taken to mandolin with a vengeance. As a vocalist/multi-instrumentalist, Scott helps provide the energy that truly makes the band's music "Music To Drink Whiskey By."


Nate Hixson: Guitar, mandolin, vocals
A recent transplant to Colorado from Dayton, OH, Nate is a multi-instrumentalist who has been performing Celtic music for years. Playing music his entire life through school, church, and numerous bands, Nate finally began to really hone his craft fronting the punk band Nucklehead. Finally, as the years of Irish, bluegrass and folk music called to him like a siren song, Nate and two close friends began having Celtic jam sessions which evolved into the band Sláinte. After personal reasons forced the other members to resign, Nate performed solo (and still does) under the stage name Johnny Tarr. Nate can also be found playing and singing music at home with his wife.