Taking its name from a well-known--and much consumed--Irish beverage, Juice O'The Barley performs contemporary versions of pub classics, as well as music from the current Irish folk and pop scene. They can be found playing at local pubs and at major Irish and Celtic festivals in and around Denver and Colorado. The Juice is not your mother's typical Irish folk group. They play their music in a style that can only be described as "Irish music with an attitude."

Over the years, Juice O'The Barley has established itself as one of the most sought after purveyors of Irish pub music in Colorado. Their music is double distilled with equal parts up-beat bass and crowd-loving guitar. Malted with an effervescent fiddle, and blended to perfection with a ringing mandolin, this Irish quartet will quench the musical thirst of any audience. The Juice will energize and entertain an audience until last call, or sunrise . . . whichever comes first.